• Career Women 2.0: on Being a Woman in a Man's World. Vica Miller discusses the state of affairs for career women in "the brave new world."  - We're The City, 12/4,/2017

  • Goodreads Giveaway! May 20 - June 4, 2017, your chance to win a signed copy of Inga's Zigzags, celebrating three years of its publication.

  • On Art and Technology. Vica Miller in conversation with award-winning UK journalist Peter Warren for PassWord. Segment starts at 13 min 10 seconds. - Resonance FM radio, London, 10/21/2015

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  • Vica Miller: Inga’s Zigzags. "What a delight it was to peel through such a witty, memorable and intelligently written novel. The reader follows the protagonist, Inga Belova, as she zigzags her way from New York, to Moscow, to London with an incalculable rhythm, all the while witnessing the emotional evolution that accompanies this transcontinental journey. As a young, female entrepreneur who’s trotted the globe and travailed in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, I found Inga’s trials, trepidation and triumphs to be relatable and palpable. Her uncertainty of career, nationality, and sexuality enhances the cultural/generational relevancy of the story line, while heightening one’s intrigue of the author." - BRIC Plus, The New World Magazine, 5/25/2015

  • But Who is Vica Miller? A lithe, camera toting mother of two who transplanted from her native Saint Petersburg over twenty years ago, and has blossomed since, teaching new media at Hunter after a Masters in interactive media art from Tisch, publishing short stories and last year a book, Inga’s Zigzags (Ladno 2014), all the while running communications for DataArt, a global tech consultancy. Soon after she arrived in Manhattan Vica found herself at one of George Plimpton’s celebrated parties and offered him a look at some pages she had written. Plimpton pronounced her ”a writer” and she was on her way to becoming a star in New York’s literary firmament. Her Inga’s Zigzags is a polished account of a Russian woman who returns to Moscow after a decade in New York, but whose bid to start her own business there is stalled by an extended lesbian love trio with two smart magazine publishers. - Talk in New York, 1/28/2015

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  • Vica Miller is a quintessential New York story all in herself. "A Russian emigre and author, Miller began hosting literary salons as a way to showcase new talent... In a cool Soho setting, featuring the artwork of Nikolai Makarov on the walls, four authors read from their most debut works... Miller herself read from Inga's Zigzags." - Literary Cafe, 9/20/2014

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  • Ah, to be in Moscow in 1997, where the men are rich and virile, the women stiletto-clad sylphs, and the economic landscape infinitely fertile. "It is somewhat refreshing to meet so confident and ambitious a protagonist". - Lambda Literary, 8/31/2014

  • A Delicious, Sensuous, Thoroughly Satisfying Read.  "Vica Miller’s debut novel takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and sensual experiences from NYC to Moscow." - The Three Tomatoes, 8/27/2014

  • Q&A with Vica Miller - Vica Miller launched her latest book, Inga’s Zigzags, at our store in May. "I love everything by Jeanette Winterson, especially Written on the Body. Anais Nin’s diaries, Fire. I read and re-read Vladimir Nabokov." - BookCulture Blog, 8/25/2014

  • A Long-Distance Romance: Russia-Born Writers in the U.S. "Vica Miller Literary Salons, held bimonthly at galleries around New York City, retain a certain Old World elegance.. In May 2014... the salon featured Vica Miller herself reading from her recently published book Inga’s Zigzags.” - Russia Beyond the Headlines, 8/20/2014

  • This Book Is a Gem. "The journey that Inga takes is one of self discovery and sexual awakening. This is not erotica in its truest form, but you can bet there are some racy scenes." Karen Blue Reviews, 8/10/2014

  • Only After Draft Three. "...don’t compare your achievements to the success of others, and write for the sake of writing, not money or fame." - An interview with 6/28/2014

  • Vica Miller Literary Salon. "An evening with Russian-American writers, featuring... Vica Miller, the founder and host of the salon, reading from her début novel, “Inga’s Zigzags.” It takes place at the Mimi Ferzt gallery..". - The New Yorker, 5/9/2014

  • A sexy tale with plenty of Russian atmosphere... "After 10 years in America, a Russian woman returns home hoping to make it big, but she finds herself distracted by the allure of a charismatic lesbian couple in this well-written debut novel." - Kirkus Reviews, 4/14/2014

  • Goodreads giveaway! 5/1-5/14, your chance to win a free copy of Inga's Zigzags!

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  • Stylish Russians and Iowa Short Fiction Award Winners: Vica Miller’s Soho Literary Salons. "Salons like this used to exist in St. Petersburg in the 19th Century and I am third generation St. Petersburg. For me, it was connecting all those dots." Vol. 1 Brooklyn. 3/28/2013

Vica Miller. Photo by  Mark Rosenberg

Vica Miller. Photo by Mark Rosenberg

I loved every moment of this book, and was shocked by how quickly I was turning the pages. I couldn’t put it down. The themes it explores are ones to which we can all relate: feelings of not fitting in, struggling in relationships where your lover’s intentions are unclear, and simply the constant battle to find yourself and get comfortable with your own desires and life goals. Life is complicated, and I appreciate Vica Miller’s ability to capture that in a page-turning, well written novel that never bores.
— Katie Schoolov, KPBS

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